Hey there!
Today I have decided to write about a really important and serious topic, called motivation.
I don’t know about you personally, but I think sometimes it can be extremely hard to motivate yourself every day.
Especially, when it comes to hard times in our lives such as illnesses, breaking up, financial issues, losing a job or a close friend but even just a bad day at work. After these kinds of things, it is hard to overcome the feeling of being a loser.
And the hardest stuff amongst all of this is that you just automatically start listing the bad queue of events that happened to you recently and then get the impression that this can only happen with you.
Believe me, it is not only happening to you. It does happen with all of us.
Think about that moment when you glance at your friend who perhaps would not deserve the things you desire the most but gets them usually.
Yes, this happens to her too.
Being jealous or comparing yourself to other people will never help.
You do not know what they are struggling with as they do not know what you are struggling with.
We tend to hide these emotions of being unfortunate and just dig it deeper into our brains.
If this happens to you, try to think about all the goals you want to achieve.
All the things and people you can be grateful for.
You just have to be brave and take the opportunities. It is definitely not too late to do that. Looking back will never help your personal growth.
Being open-minded, grateful and motivated come together like a pack.
So whenever feeling down or demotivated, just drink your coffee, think about how you want to organize your day to be as efficient and useful as it can possibly be.
Do something today to be a step closer to your dreams.