Christmas time

Hey Guys!

How are you doing? Today, I am writing about the latest events in these months: Christmas and NYE.

For me, Christmas always meant going home and spending some wonderful days with your most beloves ones while NYE is all about partying and being the sparkilest of all.

Naturally, it is a question what to wear during these special days.

If one is living in Denmark, it is quite hard to dress pretty while it is freezing out there.

In this case, I usually choose to wear a detailed and unique dress and combine it with many layers. This can mean wearing turtlenecks under the piece or just put on two stockings.

There is one brand which I have discovered recently, called Goha Clothing.

They have many beatiful garments on reasonable prices. Due to this, I have decided to collaborate with them and show you the results.

Hope you will like them!

Fashion editorial project

In the last few weeks, I was mainly focusing on a particular project for my first elective, Styling for fashion photography.

We got an assignment of creating a fashion editorial for a magazine, where I happened to be the stylist, art director, makeup artist and model in one.

I built up the whole photoshoot and story around a dreamy candy theme.
The project was extremely useful for me since I am considering working as an editor at a magazine in the future.
If you are interested you can check out some of the pictures down below.









Metallics // OOTD

In this post I would like to show you my summery metallic outfit of the day.
When the weather is this good I like wearing light but somehow still extra pieces of clothing.

On this day I chose a white frilly blouse, which I paired with a pleated rose gold short and these platformed sneakers. In case of less sunnier weather, I got an oversized bomber jacket to throw on.

These metallic materials are on trending this year so I would recommend it for anyone who wants to stand out a bit.



Ebben a posztban szeretnék megmutatni egy nyárias összeállítást.

Amikor ennyire jó az idő, szeretek könnyebb anyagú darabokat viselni, amelyek valamilyen módón mégis különlegesebbek.

Ezen a napon egy fehér, fodros blúzra esett a választásom, amelyet egy pliszírozott rose gold sorttal és egy platformos ezüst edzőcipővel párosítottam. Abban az esetben, ha az időjárás kevésbé napos, ez az oversized bomber dzseki könnyen felkapható.

Idén is hódítanak ezek a fémes hatást keltő anyagok, szóval mindenképpen ajánlanám azoknak, akik kicsit szeretnének kitűnni a tömegből.



Blouse: Stradivarius

Short: H&M

Bomber jacket: H&M

Shoes: Cin cin amica

Rings: H&M

Choker: Gina Tricot

MY VERY FIRST BLOG POST/ Outfit of the day

Hey Guys!

As you can see it is my very first post on this blog, I hope you will like it. 🙂
In this post I wanted to show you my outfit which I was wearing some days ago.

Since I am living in Denmark, I wanted to take advantage of the sunny weather, so I was wearing this striped shirt and white jeans combo.
I really like combining shirts with light colored jeans when the weather is good.

Also, I was wearing these really eccentric shoes which I bought in Hungary. I wanted to buy this type since years, so when I finally found these I was incredibly happy.

My other extraordinary piece in this outfit is probably my jeans which I bought in Italy when I visited one of my friends.

All of the pieces were super cheap so if you are looking for any of these you can find them linked below.





Ahogy láthatjátok, ez a legelső poszt a blogomon. Remélem elnyeri a tetszéseteket. 🙂
Ebben a bejegyzésben meg szeretném mutatni mit viseltem ma.

Mivel jelenleg Dániában lakom mindenféleképpen ki akartam használni, hogy jó az idő, így erre a csíkos ing és fehér farmer kombinációra esett a választásom.
Emellett, egy igazán különleges cipőt viseltem, amelyet Magyarországon vásároltam. Már elképesztően régóta kutattam egy ilyen típusú cipő után, szóval hihetetlenül boldog voltam mikor ráakadtam.

A másik extra darab az összeállításban valószínűleg ez a rojtos fehér nadrág, amit még Olaszországban vásároltam, amikor meglátogattam egy barátnőmet.

Az összes darab szuper olcsó szóval ha valami ilyesmit keresel, akkor lentebb linkelve megtalálhatod őket.


Outfit details:

Sunnies: New Yorker

Watch: Casio (shop it here)

Backpack: Stradivarius

Shirt: Only

Jeans: Zara (shop it here)

Shoes: Cin Cin Amica (shop it here)