Christmas time

Hey Guys!

How are you doing? Today, I am writing about the latest events in these months: Christmas and NYE.

For me, Christmas always meant going home and spending some wonderful days with your most beloves ones while NYE is all about partying and being the sparkilest of all.

Naturally, it is a question what to wear during these special days.

If one is living in Denmark, it is quite hard to dress pretty while it is freezing out there.

In this case, I usually choose to wear a detailed and unique dress and combine it with many layers. This can mean wearing turtlenecks under the piece or just put on two stockings.

There is one brand which I have discovered recently, called Goha Clothing.

They have many beatiful garments on reasonable prices. Due to this, I have decided to collaborate with them and show you the results.

Hope you will like them!


Hey there!
Today I have decided to write about a really important and serious topic, called motivation.
I don’t know about you personally, but I think sometimes it can be extremely hard to motivate yourself every day.
Especially, when it comes to hard times in our lives such as illnesses, breaking up, financial issues, losing a job or a close friend but even just a bad day at work. After these kinds of things, it is hard to overcome the feeling of being a loser.
And the hardest stuff amongst all of this is that you just automatically start listing the bad queue of events that happened to you recently and then get the impression that this can only happen with you.
Believe me, it is not only happening to you. It does happen with all of us.
Think about that moment when you glance at your friend who perhaps would not deserve the things you desire the most but gets them usually.
Yes, this happens to her too.
Being jealous or comparing yourself to other people will never help.
You do not know what they are struggling with as they do not know what you are struggling with.
We tend to hide these emotions of being unfortunate and just dig it deeper into our brains.
If this happens to you, try to think about all the goals you want to achieve.
All the things and people you can be grateful for.
You just have to be brave and take the opportunities. It is definitely not too late to do that. Looking back will never help your personal growth.
Being open-minded, grateful and motivated come together like a pack.
So whenever feeling down or demotivated, just drink your coffee, think about how you want to organize your day to be as efficient and useful as it can possibly be.
Do something today to be a step closer to your dreams.

Fashion editorial project

In the last few weeks, I was mainly focusing on a particular project for my first elective, Styling for fashion photography.

We got an assignment of creating a fashion editorial for a magazine, where I happened to be the stylist, art director, makeup artist and model in one.

I built up the whole photoshoot and story around a dreamy candy theme.
The project was extremely useful for me since I am considering working as an editor at a magazine in the future.
If you are interested you can check out some of the pictures down below.









Spanish trip


Have you ever wondered how could you escape from the stressing everydays but you thought you didn’t have the money to actually do it?

Let me tell you, it is never the matter of money to travel and break out from the rat race.
If you can set up a budget for yourself and arrange everything in time, it can be super cheap to travel in Europe.

My last trip was to Spain because I really needed some sunshine in my life.

I booked everything in advance including my flight with Ryanair and my accommodation with Booking.
I usually choose these two companies during my holidays because I find them trustworthy and incredibly cheap.
So I decided to fly to Alicante, which is kinda a big city in Spain, located in Valencia.
The whole trip was super enjoyable and I came home relaxed to return to my usual life.

Italian holiday


Seems like I’ve been too busy with my personal life that I just simply forgot to post this little writing about my Italian trip.
Me and my family usually spend some weeks in Italy during the summers. Not surpsingly, this country became our number 1 destination for holidays.
Actually, I love everything in Italy so I decided to show you where I’ve been  for 2 weeks straigth.

Our first stop was a little village called Sarteano. Honestly, I have never been in such a small city in Italy but I just really loved it. Since it is situated in Tuscany, every street and building had a mediterran atmosphere. Even though, we are speaking about a small village, the life here was more exciting than it usually is in Hungary or in Denmark.
Even the accomodation was there, we went out to explore other cities as well.
We visited Sienna for several times now, but there were some unseen parts of the city which could show us something new every time.
The next destination was Rome.
This was my very first time to see the capital city and I was just seriously amazed by it.
Since my family always want to have the feeling that we have seen everything, we were always on the go to see some historical places within Rome.

Either you are a believer or not, you must see the Vatican because it is just incredible if you imagine that people could built something like this in the past.

Of course, there were some other places I had to visit such as malls and clothing stores because how can you resist not to buy some clothes in Italy? I did not have to search for a long time, you can bump into designer outlets and vintage shops easily.
As I perceived, the price of the clothes and food is not expensive at all.
I usually hear from others as an excuse that they don’t wanna go to Italy cause „it is so expensive”.
I must tell you, it is not. Sometimes it is even cheaper to buy goods here than in Hungary.
Here are some pictures that I’ve taken while I was enjoying my holiday I hope you like them.




Úgy néz ki mostanában túlságosan elfoglalt voltam a személyes teendőimmel és  elfelejtettem posztolni ezt a bejegyzést az olaszországi utamról.
Én és a családom általában itt töltünk pár hetet a nyár folyamán.
Nem meglepő módón, ez az ország vált az első számú célponttá a nyári vakációkra.
Az az igazság, hogy mindent imádok Olaszországban szóval ezért döntöttem úgy, hogy megmutatom nektek merre voltam 2 hétig.

Az első megállónk egy kis falu, Sarteano volt. Őszintén, még sosem jártam ennyire apró olasz faluban, de ennek ellenére is imádtam.  Mivel ez a falu Toszkánában helyezkedik el, minden egyes utcának és épületnek megvolt a sajátos mediterrán hangulata.
Annak ellenére, hogy egy kis faluról beszélünk, az élet itt sokkal izgalmasabb volt, mint általában Magyarországon vagy Dániában.
Attól függetlenül, hogy a szállásunk is itt helyezkedett el, mi mindennap felfedező körútra indultunk más városokba.
Sienában már számos alkalommal volt szerencsénk elmenni, de ez a város mindig képes újat mutatni.
A következő állomás Róma volt.
Számomra ez volt az első alkalom, hogy meglátogathattam az olasz fővárost és sikerült teljesen elvarázsolnia.

Annak ellenére, hogy valaki hívő-e vagy nem, mindenkinek muszáj megnéznie a Vatikánt.
Egyszerűen elképesztő abba belegondolni, hogy hogyan tudtak régen ilyen épületeket tervezni és kivitelezni.

Természetesen sok más helyre kellett kitérőt tennünk, mint például bevásárlóközpontok, piacok és ruhaboltok, mert ki tudna annak ellenállni, hogy Olaszországban vásároljon pár ruhát?
Nem kellett sokáig kutakodnom az erre megfelelő helyek után. Könnyedén belebotolhatsz designer outelekbe, illetve vintage boltokba.
Ahogyan én érzékeltem, a ruhák és az élelmiszerek ára egyáltalán nem drága.
Sokszor hallom másoktól, hogy azért nem látogatnak el Olaszországa, mivel az „annyira drága”.
Pedig szerintem néha olcsóbban lehet itt vásárolni, mint Magyarországon.
Itt van pár kép, amelyeket az út során készítettem. Remélem, elnyerik a tetszéseteket.


Metallics // OOTD

In this post I would like to show you my summery metallic outfit of the day.
When the weather is this good I like wearing light but somehow still extra pieces of clothing.

On this day I chose a white frilly blouse, which I paired with a pleated rose gold short and these platformed sneakers. In case of less sunnier weather, I got an oversized bomber jacket to throw on.

These metallic materials are on trending this year so I would recommend it for anyone who wants to stand out a bit.



Ebben a posztban szeretnék megmutatni egy nyárias összeállítást.

Amikor ennyire jó az idő, szeretek könnyebb anyagú darabokat viselni, amelyek valamilyen módón mégis különlegesebbek.

Ezen a napon egy fehér, fodros blúzra esett a választásom, amelyet egy pliszírozott rose gold sorttal és egy platformos ezüst edzőcipővel párosítottam. Abban az esetben, ha az időjárás kevésbé napos, ez az oversized bomber dzseki könnyen felkapható.

Idén is hódítanak ezek a fémes hatást keltő anyagok, szóval mindenképpen ajánlanám azoknak, akik kicsit szeretnének kitűnni a tömegből.



Blouse: Stradivarius

Short: H&M

Bomber jacket: H&M

Shoes: Cin cin amica

Rings: H&M

Choker: Gina Tricot